How We Calculate Our Fees

Some commercial photographers charge by the day or by the product or even estimate the entire project at a flat rate or add a lot of other fees later after the fact,

TC Photography & Design consults with our clients and then follows up with clear and concise communication through-out the entire project.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach.

We understand our clients have unique needs and we are here to provide our clients with personalized and professional service.

TC Photography & Design consults with you first. Our initial contact is usually through using our online contact form or quote request form where the client informs us of their project needs.

Once a response is provided to the client usually in just a couple of hours, an in person follow up consultation is recommended to truly achieve the full scope and understanding of our clients needs.

As the owner, and creative professional, photographer and designer, you work with one person; you’re never shuffled around to different people or departments.

My name is my brand so I am accountable to our clients every step of the way. You always know what you will get, no surprises.

I’ve found over the years that it’s important to have an initial consultation to understand the vision of what the client requires and what your expectations are.

My job is to listen, provide creative solutions and carry out your vision and then to promote your company brand in a new and exciting, visually stimulating way.

And that’s what I’ll do.

“Okay, so what does it cost to photograph this house, product, food item, etc? “

There is no single answer, I hate to say it but, it does depend on varying factors.

We begin by having a conversation. I am very detailed so I will listen to your vision and then ask questions to gain further clarification and help to define what your needs are.

For example we would discuss your vision, and even if at first it’s not real clear, I can help clarify and offer ideas and solutions to bring the vision together to form a cohesive plan.

From there we can discuss budget, time frames, and possible perceived limitations.

Communication is always key.

There are essentially 3 parts that will be involved in estimating a project.

1. The creation of the images

This is where the photographer goes on location to the clients store front and or location where the building is to be photographed. This is where the creativity begins, we assess the needs of the job, bring professional equipment, lighting and possibly use a food stylist, an assistant or other equipment valuable to achieving professional results for out clients.

2. Post Production of images

This is when we color correct and enhance the image files to look their absolute best. Raw file formats (TIFF, JPEG, etc) are optimized for online viewing, these files can be adjusted for high resolution for your print needs.

There can be a misunderstanding  that the photographs created during the shoot are 100% ready for their intended application right from the camera; while it’s true in many cases as a professional we can achieve excellent results with our vision, creativity and professional equipment, the fact is that; the images will still need to be improved upon to look perfect. This is what we are looking for, for you- our client as perfect of a result as can be achieve because we put our name on the line and your brand every time; so we will settle for nothing less.

Post processing is just an extension of the creative processes and we factor this in our price quote so there are no surprises.

Once the images are completely ready they image files are delivered to the client on an optical disk (CD / DVD) or through electronic transmission, via FTP.

3. Licensing.

When we estimate the cost of a project we will include a licensing package based on the needs of the client. A standard licensing agreement is usually sufficient in many cases.

Standard licensing permits the client to use the images on their promotional materials, website and other internal uses.

There are times however, when a client may require the images to be used in outside marketing such as a billboard, publication or other marketing material. We will discuss those additional needs with each client.

TC Photography & Design will discuss your creative needs and offer you solutions outlined in a project bid which includes post production, creating original photographs and licensing while focusing all the while on your vision and branding to bring you more clients and retain existing clients.

We are passionate creative professionals who enjoy what we do but take it seriously and leave no stone unturned.

When you have a project and need an estimate, we are only a phone call, email, or instant message away.

Just use our contact form on our web site

We are certain you’ll be happy with the results from start to finish.